BPGS Construction Who We Are

BPGS is a Construction Management company based in Wilmington, DE, serving the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  At BPGS, we structure each and every project, no matter the scale or scope, with a framework of internal principles that include responsibility, accountability and honesty.   We believe that this approach is the formula for a successful partnership with our client, a communicative project team and an efficient project execution. 

In our experience we have found this approach best described as “ownership mentality.”  BPGS’s ability to think like an owner with enthusiasm and commitment allows us to put our principles to work, guaranteeing a well-engineered, value-driven process with impressive results delivered in the most efficient manner.

This principle, marked by creativity, ingenuity and efficiency, is engrained in BPGS.  It is part of everything we do, from our daily project management services, to workplace practices and corporate citizenship.  Through these pillars we challenge ourselves and our peers to think new, think different, think better.