Barclaycard Iron Hill

Barclaycard Iron Hill
Iron Hill Corporate Center // Newark, DE

“The recently completed Barclaycard Blue Hen Center located at the Iron Hill Complex in Newark, DE
was a challenging and exciting project. Creating a high quality office environment for 300 new
Barclaycard colleagues, with a restrictive budget and an even more aggressive time schedule, was a
huge success due primarily to the excellent construction management services provided by BPGS.”

-Susan Simpson, Sr. Facilities Project Manager

  • Phased renovation of two stories of the White Wing at Iron Hill Corporate Center.
  • The first phase of occupancy was achieved in just 6 weeks after design services were initiated.
  • Design documents were established in 1 week through an aggressive design-build approach¬†and with daily interaction with the tenant.
  • All phases of the project were delivered on time and under budget.


Iron Hill Corporate Center
Newark, DE


75,807 SF




June 2009