Project Progress: The Standard Phase II

April 17, 2024 5:09 pm

Work is well underway on Phase II of The Standard (Nemours Building), a partial office to luxury residential conversion in Wilmington, DE! During this phase of the project, the BPGS Team is managing the development and construction of 174 apartment units, a historic lobby renovation, and multiple amenity spaces including an exterior roof deck on Orange St. Phase I (former Luxia Suites) was completed last October and featured 92 apartment units that are currently for lease. Phase II is on schedule for a late fall delivery.

During our April site visit, drywall, heat pumps, and doors were being installed on multiple floors and paint prep is now starting. Framing is up on the ninth and tenth floors, and the team is actively testing and inspecting the rough in. Floor twelve and fourteen are entering the rough-in stage where mechanical, electrical, and plumbing lines are laid out.

On the roof, the team installed a new cooling tower to service the new apartment that ties in to the existing piping and replaced the EPDM (synthetic rubber) roof with new thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane and coverboard. A coverboard was chosen to protect the roof from weather, external fire, and foot traffic. Significant demo of an old air handler and duct work was necessary to re-roof the building. During the process, new anchors were also installed to support window washing.

In the boiler room, new booster pumps for plumbing and domestic water have been installed. New pipes are secured on raised steel beams to avoid disrupting the existing electric and mechanical work.

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