Build & Learn: Post-Tension Concrete at The Press

May 6, 2024 8:31 pm

At BPGS Construction, continuous learning is a crucial part of the company culture. BPGS is dedicated to empowering associates with knowledge to further their careers while also fostering an environment of comradery. Through the years, the team has developed strategic Build and Learn sessions in which all associates gather at a current job site for a lesson on unique aspects of the project or discussion on how an obstacle was overcome.

In April, Project Engineer Denis Spaventa discussed the post-tensioning technique being utilized at The Press. The 14-story high-rise residential tower is being constructed using Post-Tension Concrete, in which concrete is reinforced with high-strength steel bars. The steel bars, which are typically referred to as tendons, are wrapped in a protective duct coating to prevent bonding to the concrete. They are then stressed with a hydraulic jack after the concrete has cured, typically 2-4 days after the initial pour, to ensure load-bearing stability. Post-Tension works as active reinforcement: concrete is strongest under compression and, similarly, steel is strongest under tension, making this an ideal method for a large-scale building like The Press.

Advantages of Post-Tension Concrete

  • Cost Effective: post-tension slabs require less concrete than traditional methods
  • Flexibility: longer, thinner slabs result in greater design flexibility
  • Resistant to Cracking: cracks are less likely to occur in post-tension slabs and if they do they do not spread as quickly as traditional slabs
  • Efficiency: post-tension concrete has high early strength, which allows for faster floor construction cycles

After the concrete is stressed, formwork is stripped and shoring posts are re-installed while the concrete continues to cure. This process is repeated until all floors are poured, stressed, and stripped.

The BPGS team also used Post-Tension Concrete on Crosby Hill, read more about that project here.

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