Westin Wilmington

Specializing in Building Delaware’s Future

April 9, 2015 3:42 pm

Westin Wilmington (pictured above)

BPGS Construction is proud to be building Delaware’s future through a broad range of projects that are currently in the pipeline. Through BPGS Construction’s unique Program/Design/Build model the company has been selected for several prestigious projects that have strongly impacted the state of Delaware’s economic state and provided job growth. Below are just a few of the exciting recent projects. Stay tuned! we will give you a sneak peek of the future projects as well!

The Residences at Harlan Flats


The Residences at Harlan Flats by BPGS Construction

Starbucks Wilmington Delaware

Starbucks Commerical built by BPGS Construction


For a full list of BPGS Construction’s projects in Wilmington, Delaware and beyond click here.