The Residences at Midtown park safety drill

Rescue Simulations 200 Feet in the Air with The City of Wilmington Fire Department!

April 7, 2017 1:06 pm

Job and site safety is something BPGS Construction takes very seriously. The Residences at Mid-town Park and Mid-town Park Garage site provided an excellent opportunity for unique safety drills due to the complexity and depth of the project.

BPGS Construction and the City of Wilmington Fire Department teamed up on Friday, March 24th, 2017 to simulate a rescue of the crane operator, perform a confined space rescue and complete a general excavation rescue.

During the crane operation rescue, a team of firemen climbed the crane which is 200 feet high. The team of firemen set rigging equipment to raise and lower a rescue manikin. The rescue manikin and fireman were lowered by  the department’s specialized equipment and the manikin was lifted from the excavation by the ladder truck to Burton Place.

To simulate a confined space rescue, a manikin was positioned between lagging and double sided foundation and lifted from the excavation site to a City of Wilmington Fire Department ladder truck to Burton Place.

The general excavation rescue involved utilizing a rescue basket to remove the mannequin from the excavation to Burton Place.

Thank you to the City of Wilmington Fire Department for joining us in this effort to ensure job site safety!