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12 Reasons Being a Part of the BPGS Construction Team is Amazing!

January 22, 2015 12:52 pm

BPGS Construction  is not only  a great place to develop and further your professional experience, it is a wonderful place to work on a day to day basis. Did you know if you compressed all of the time you spent at work in your lifetime, you would be at work for over 10 years!

The average American laughs out loud 290,000 times their life, and here at BPGS construction, our goal is to see that number even higher because we want our employees to love their job. Here are just a few ways BPGS Construction is a wonderful place to work:

1. Ever changing challenging projects: i.e. you will never be bored! There is no yawning in our offices, just exciting, engaging activity!

2. You are helping to shape a community. Want to make a difference? Make it your career! BPGS Construction has been a part of revitalizing Downtown Wilmington for 16 years! Did you like playing the video game Sim City as a kid? Well, here you would be.

3. There are no dead ends here, we promote from within! There is always room for learning and growth.

4. Are you a self starter? Welcome Home. There are no micro managers here! Our culture is fostered around self-starting employees!

5. We thrive on independent thinking and unique…this is not a cookie cutter company.

6. We are a team, and take that word seriously. At BPGS Construction we are collaborative and supportive.

7. We have our own approach that you won’t find anywhere else. We have a unique outlook on projects you won’t find at another company. We  think like an owner because we are an owner.

8. Our portfolio is diverse. This contributes to our success, exposure and ability to survive market shifts.

9. We value lifestyle. We understand that you have other responsibilities, a family and priorities. We are human too.

10. Our employees are not just a number. Get in, and you will stand out.

11. We retain our employees because they love what they do. This is a company  of folks that have worked together for a long time. We are a family.

12. Our current team is the best of the best. Our awards page speaks for itself, but above that, our employees take pride in where they work.

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the BPGS team? Apply now and take your career to new heights.

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